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Fresh, wild-caught fish and chips.
Brought to your neck of the woods.

Strict seafood standards. Beloved taste.

Proudly serving millions each year

Nearly a decade in business


Our Wild Alaskan Cod is line caught for freshness. Never caught in a net.

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Our fish and chips are beer battered by hand, served with savory, house made tartar and tangy Sweet Chili sauce, for an American twist on an old classic.

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Wild caught. Sustainably sourced in the Bering Sea

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line caught,

which means

Each fish is caught individually and flash frozen for same-day freshness right away for a fresher taste than net-caught fish.

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For almost a decade, see why everyone loves On the Hook.

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What makes our Fish and Chips a top favorite?

Freshest Taste

Freshest Taste

Our Wild Alaskan Cod is line caught. Unlike net caught, that has fish sitting around a while before they're frozen, line caught fish are caught one-at-a-time and frozen as soon as they're brought on board for the freshest taste possible.

Strict Standards

Strict Standards

We've been in the seafood trade for generations. We know how to find and serve the freshest fish for the best taste.

Original Sauces

Original Sauces

We proudly serve flavorful sauces that offer a unique and delicious taste you won't find anywhere else. Prepared with our secret recipes, try our tartar sauce, Sweet Chili dipping sauce and more.

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