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Sea to table. Sustainably sourced wild Alaskan Cod.

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Over a decade in business.

About 5 million meals

of fish and chips served and counting.

Know where your food comes from.

Our Wild Alaskan Cod is line caught

Never caught in a net.

Here’s why that’s important:

  • Fresher


    Net-caught fish are caught all at once. Our Cod is caught one-by-one on a line with hooks every 48 inches. Unlike net-caught, our Cod is brought onboard individually and flash frozen right away for the freshest taste.

  • Higher Quality

    Higher Quality

    Line-caught fish go through less trauma, damage and stress so the meat quality tends to be a lot better than net-caught, which can get damaged in the mass fishing process.

  • More Sustainable

    More Sustainable

    Nets tend to drag on the ocean floor, damaging sea life and underwater habitats. Line-caught tends to cause much less disturbance to sea life.

  • Kinder


    Nets tend to catch anything in their path. Line-caught tends to protect other marine life from unnecessary harm.

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Caught using 30-person boats

with the most advanced technology in the industry, which means faster freezing and the cleanest and highest quality and safety standards.


Our secret-recipe sauces are made under lock-and-key in Wyoming. Only 2 people know the recipe. And millions love the taste.



Every fish is hand-battered right in front of you. For freshness and flavor, we never use pre-battered fish.


Secret-recipe beer batter for our fish and chips, a fresh American flavor twist on a classic.

From mountain towns in Montana, to the farm towns in Iowa, and desert towns in Texas

we proudly serve millions of hard-working Americans who appreciate quality, integrity and value.

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For almost a decade, see why everyone loves On the Hook.

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