About The Cod…

On the Hook specializes in line-caught wild Alaskan cod fish and chips. We begin with the highest quality cod sourced from the cold clean waters of Alaska. This, however, is not just any Alaskan cod.  Our cod is caught using hook and line, brought aboard individually, and immediately headed, gutted, and flash-frozen.  This ensures a perfectly preserved fresh-caught quality and tenderness.  We hand-coat our cod with our home-made beer batter, created by our founders over months of experimenting. To top it off, our founders also created signature dipping sauces for each meal to create the perfect dish.

From an Idea to an Institution

Developed by two young University of Wyoming engineering students in May 2016, On the Hook Fish and Chips has evolved from two students with connections to a multi-truck enterprise serving hundreds of thousands in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, and Montana.

What People Are Saying…

Karl Morgan

On The Hook on the boat!! What a great combo!!

Frank Chaffin

Just got lunch for the wife and I and it is great. FYI for those with peanut allergy these guys are peanut safe which is awesome for my family.

Lisa Dettmer

Found you guys in Guernsey, WY you need to stop in Grand Junction, Colorado!

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